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The Leading Edge: News from Cortec's Lab
Keep up-to-date on new product releases and advances
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Whats new!

  1. Release date:  04/25/12
    We've updated our Biodegradable/Compostable Packaging Technologies brochure!
  2. Release date:  04/16/12
    "Good for AD" featured in BioPlastics Magazine, February 2012
  3. Release date:  04/09/12
    Flexible Packaging Magazine features Cortec's EcoOcean Technology
  4. Release date:  10/18/11
    Cortec® Featured in August Issue of BioCycle Magazine
  5. Release date:  10/13/11
    Cortec's EcoOcean™ Featured in BioPlastics Magazine "Innovation With a Marine Focus"
  6. Release date:  10/10/11
    Minnesota Zoo Composting Program - launched with Cortec's Eco Film®
  7. Release date:  09/20/11
    Croatian Eco Plants - founded an Eco-Cluster!
  8. Release date:  09/08/11
    "Tackling the Marine Litter Issue" article by Zillion
  9. Release date:  09/01/11
    CASE HISTORY: #396 Minnesota Zoo Composting Program
  10. Release date:  08/18/11
    NEWS ALERT: Cortec's Eco-Corr Film® Featured in BioPlastics Magazine
  11. Release date:  08/02/11
    Cortec® Corporation Launches Biobased Film Products for Marine and Anaerobic Digestion Markets
  12. Release date:  08/01/11
    "Degrading Plastics" by Chemical & Engineering News on June 13, 2011
  13. Release date:  07/26/11
    Telles Customer Cortec Corporation to Launch Biobased Film Products for Marine and Anaerobic Digestion Markets
  14. Release date:  06/09/11
    Europe Strives for Sustainability with Biodegradable Bags!
  15. Release date:  12/02/10
    NEWS ALERT: The Future is in the Use of Biodegradable Bags and Films
  16. Release date:  07/19/10
    Cortec News: EcoCortec Expansion of Production
  17. Release date:  06/16/10
    Boris Miksic and EcoCortec contribute to the preservation of nature on the Galapagos islands
  18. Release date:  05/12/10
    PRESS RELEASE: Cortec® Eco Works® Bags comply with new state law
  19. Release date:  04/28/10
    Compostable Films, Bags, and Resin as featured in BioPlastics Magazine
  20. Release date:  10/26/09
    NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: EcoWorks® Resin, Biodegradable Resin for Film

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Ecoworks bags are fully compostable
Ecoworks bags are fully compostable
Compostable Packaging Technologies Brochure
Compostable Packaging Technologies Brochure
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